Frutoso for you


The Frutoso experience was very well recieved by the Doll community so we considered to make Frutosos accessible for everyone who liked their design. So, don’t worry if you don’t have a doll, you can take Frutosos with you! We’ve made Frutoso backpacks, clutch bags and a colorful collection of wooden jewelry. All of them with the funny designs of Frutosos! Also a few prints to decorate your walls with the funniest bears!

frutoso clutch

cute backpack frutoso


Backpacks are made with Vegan Leather, with a very cute Frutoso lining and a pocket inside. Clutch bags have a hand strap and you can use it as a handbag, make up case or for keeping safe your art tools! You can use them as you prefer.

Jewelry are made in high quality printed wood. A fun way to wear a cute accesory matching your Bags. You can find earrings and cute pendants.


cute wooden jewelry frutoso


cute wood pendant necklace frutoso
cute wood earrings frutoso