Custom Commissions


  • We usually take custom commissions for the following dolls:
    • Pullip
    • Blythe
    • Minifee
    • (If you want an outfit for another doll that isn’t in the list, please ask us!)


  • I want to make a custom outfit commission. What I should do? Which are the conditions?
    • Write us with your idea and for which doll do you want the outfit. Send us 2 or 3 pics of reference. We accept illustrations and own designs as long as the idea is very clear and you have totally in mind that they probably suffer variations. We don’t copy other dolly artists work!
    • We will reply telling you if we accept your commissions or not and the budget in the case of we accept it. We have the right reservations to accept or not a commission
    • If you are agree with the budget that we’ve given you, you must pay 50% of the price in advance. NO REFUNDABLE. This money is to invest in materials that we need for your comission.
    • Timing wil depend of the difficult of your order. We usually update process pics at our social media and we send mails to the customer.
    • When we finish your order you must pay the other 50% before shipping.
    • Please have a clear idea of your order. Once your order is finished is so difficult to make modifications and you want to pay an extra if you want some mod. Have in mind that this is not a drawing that you can erase the times that you want. This is a meticulous artisan work that takes a lot of time and effort.
    • Shipping is always registered with tracking number.
    • Commission list status: Closed until March 15th



Work Gallery

Here you can find our works from 2012 until now. Click the images to see in full screen!